Fables from an ancient future

Bronze Series I introduction

It is the practice of many anthropologists, archeologists and historians to curate collections of ‘finds’ associated with an epoch, a people, a dynasty or a belief. 

The great museums of the world archive and present artifacts and relics, the detritus of the diverse expectations of civilization upon which we may reflect. Those reflections may again take form as another version of the story. They become fables from an ancient future, a name for this collection.

The Bronze memorials, reliquaries and talismans in this series I produced in Sweden at Herman Bergmans Konstgjuteri from 2012 to 2013. Photographed by Tobias Fischer.          

My Black and white photographs which relate to this theme I took in wintertime at dawn and dusk on the river Ganges at Benares, which for me evoked the same recurring theme from antiquity associated with the journey from mortality to immortality. Crossing the river.

 © Andrew Gerald Redman